Ecosia Score – Ecofriendly Shopping
powered by Ecosia (Fictional)

I have been a big fan of ecosia since day one. At the same time, I have been carrying around the desire for a product search engine focused on sustainability and environmental friendliness for a while now. I have often imagined what an environmentally conscious amazon could look like and have sketched out my ideas here. Since Ecosia already accounts for a significant share of searches in the market, this is an appropriate lever to really change the way we shop, the way we rate products and, eventually the way products are made.

In order to evaluate products according to their impact on the environment, a rating system is needed.  – Let me introduce you to: The Ecosia Score.

The Ecosia Score is a value created in cooperation with the manufacturers of goods who care for the planet.
It might be composed of the factors:

Emissions released during production:
- material related emissions (bad: aluminium, plastic, fossil based materials)- transport related emissions (where are the manufacturers of parts, weight of parts, etc.)
- critical materials such as rare earth elementspowering of production facilities (usage of renewable energies)

Capability of saving emissions:
- alternative drives (electric, biomechanic)- battery durability

Circular design factor:
- recyclability of components
- reusability of components
- repairability of components and the product itself
- biodegradebility of materials

Shipping factors:
- sustainability of packaging
- shipping distance
- shipping methods

Business model factors:
- buying vs renting
- compensation of emissions
- ecological efficiency of production facilities (small facilities)
- mass product or purpose driven quality product- common ownership
- steward-ownership

Fair labour conditions:
- anti discriminatory practice
- equal salaries
- health insurance and policy
- occupational safety 

To estimate the Ecosia Score the information about the qualities of a product and the production conditions need to be crowd sourced. Manufacturers of goods need to make their production chains and conditions transparent in order to become an Ecosia Shopping Partner.

Case Studies