Hey, my name is phiwa – short for Philipp Wartenberg. I am a multitalented, multidisciplinary designer from Germany with a focus on digital product design.
Bachelor of Fine Arts – Media Arts & Design @ bauhaus university
+ 5 years
Freelance UX/UI Designer @ phiwa
+ 2 years
Product Design Consultant @
+ 2 years
Digital Product Designer @ tdsoftware
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Schrottshop – Human-Centered Service Design as Artistic Field Research

For my bachelor thesis at the Baushaus University in Weimar, I designed a pop-up store and used it as a field test site for human-centred service design research …
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Get Up – Micro Donations to Climate Activists on Snooze

Get Up and do something about climate change or hit snooze and support activists with a micro donation. Take action to tackle Climate Change yourself: Sign Petitions, attend Direct Actions and Social Media …
Get the F*** Up
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Re:Define Design

We live in a time when the biggest and most influential players in the business, public opinion, and even politics are no longer states, authorities, or even secret services, but tech companies. We live in a time when product designers who  …
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Ecosia Score – Ecofriendly Shopping powered by Ecosia

Fictional: I have been a big fan of ecosia since day one. At the same time, I have been carrying around the desire for a product search engine focused on sustainability and environmental friendliness for a while now …
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Case Studies

There is nothing like a perfect workflow.
Since interfaces, experiences, products, design objectives, and their audience, are inhomogeneous, a universal workflow is non-determinable. I try to follow a set of methods that can be altered and adjusted to fit a specific product, design objective, or systemic condition. I center my design process around humans and I complement my human-centered design process with system-thinking methods to identify potential root causes of problems and the opportunities for potential beneficiaries, but also for other stakeholders and society as a whole.

Design Process

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Beautiful Trouble –
Designed for Rebellion

In collaboration with Sina Kamala Kaufmann, Michael Timmermann, Annemarie Botzki, Ulrike Bischoff and the team at S. Fischer-Verlag, I had the opportunity to create a handbook on rebellion. Extinction Rebellion uses means …
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Misc Graphics

Small compilation of visual designs I have made in the past years.

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Moving Pixels – UI Animation Showreel 2021

I love how motion and moving pixels help to improve User Experiences, tell stories, and transport emotions.
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Misc Logos

Having fun with shapes, paths and type. this is a small collection of logos I created with love.

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Something Personal

Have a brief look of how I am living and working, what's my style and taste and how the outcomes of my upcycling design hobby look like.

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Something Visual

I hope to see you soon.
In the meantime, feel free to follow me on my social media accounts.