Re:Define Design

We live in a time when the biggest and most influential players in the business, public opinion, and even politics are no longer states, authorities, or even secret services, but tech companies. We live in a time when product designers who work for these tech companies are considered superstars. We live in a time when Design is praised as the ultimate discipline for solving problems. Design now encompasses so many things and intervenes so deeply in people's lives that we have to ask ourselves again what design actually is – because it seems to be f****** everything.

This video is a teaser for a talk and workshop series I am holding in an academic context and for young and upcoming professional designers. I try to shed light on what design is from a critical perspective I give an overview of the differentiated disciplines such as UI design, UX design, product, and service design, explore Design Thinking Methods and, convey basic UX design knowledge to designers, developers, product owners, investors, and students.

Here is a selection of slides, that I use:

Case Studies